Agenda of AGM 2008-2009

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The 25th Annual General Meeting of the

Emmer Green Residents' Association

will take place at
The Grace Chapel (formerly Caversham Hill Chapel),
119 Peppard Road

on Tuesday 28th April at 8.00pm.


Apologies for Absence

Approval of the Minutes of the 24th AGM (29th April 2008) and Matters Arising

Chairman's Report/ Review of the Year

Treasurer's Report and Accounts

Election of *Committee, Officers and Auditor

Any Other Business (25th Anniversary Celebrations 2009)

*The committee comprises a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, plus a minimum of three, not more than seven others. Any contributions are welcome and a way forward appears to be 'Committee Support', which can either be a stepping stone up to, or down from the committee, or an independent role for those happy to remain that way.

Those offering to stand for re-election are Margaret Ormonde (current Chair), Barry Prior (Vice Chair), Bill Harper (Treasurer). The remaining candidates are existing members, Jill Verran, Cathi Edwards, Vera Bodman.

Kate Manton has resigned after two years as Secretary. Tara Taylor and Diana Hartrup who joined the committee in 2004, are leaving, but continuing their roles as North Reading Youth Project contact and Newsletter Distributor respectively. After a year on the committee, Carol Sutton has decided to stand down. Bob Cruickshank continues to offer valuable committee support and Clive Ormonde maintains the website.

Roles will be confirmed / decided after the AGM.

Nominations to either join the committee or offer support can be given to the Secretary before the meeting, or offered, on the evening of the AGM, or at any later date.


Reading Civic Society is one of 800 similar societies affiliated to the Civic Trust. The society started in 1962 in response to insensitive developments in the town centre and continues today with some 250 members. Its Chairman Richard Bennett will talk about what they do and some of their recent, and coming, activities.