Animal Carvings in Clayfield Copse

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For a number of years the Association looked into imaginative ways of commissioning carved animals in the vicinity of Clayfield Copse. An opportunity arose in 2006, when an old oak, whose trunk had split, needed to have some rather heavy pruning. This resulted in two things - the main trunk of the tree has now closed together again and leaves sprouted from the top - and a number of hefty logs provided great bases for our intended sculptures.

Local wood-turner, Andrew Noyes (right, standing), engaged the help of local youngsters in deciding the first animal to be carved and designed a dragon. Andrew sculpted the dragon using a chain saw and the young people helped with the painting. A crowd gathered to see the finishing touches and official unveiling on 2nd April 2007. Thanks also to Association member, Brian Verran, who has carved an oak marker with commemorative inscription, which will be placed in the ground next to the carving. Hopefully more carved animals will follow.