Minutes of Committee Meeting
Summer 2007

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Tuesday 21st August 2007

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Paul Gallagher, Jill Verran, Diana Hartrup, Bill Harper, Barry Prior, Tara Taylor, Vera Bodman, Bob Cruickshank, Kate Manton

1. Absent Ben Cosh

2. MO expressed thanks to the committee for all the support she has had since becoming chairman.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (Thurs 10th May 2007) were approved.

4. Matters arising:

Woodland Carvings
i. Bryan Verran has replaced post
ii. Bryan reports that seat not possible due to hardness of ground
iii. Andrew Noyes not currently interested in doing more carving but may be willing in the future.

Village sign
i. Thanks to PG and helpers for work.
ii. PG has tried to do maintenance on seat but it has been occupied, will be trying again (PG).

Post Office
i. Post Office opened May 29th. EGRA wrote letter offering support and to fund seating – no response. Agreed to leave the matter there.
ii. Royal Mail will move box at some point.

Grove Road planters

i. MO to chase again, re replanting of trees
ii. MO has inspected the stump and feels no further action necessary.

Queen’s Birthday Commemoration
i. Seat has been ordered by KM, due to be delivered end August. KM to communicate with AES Agricultural Services re installation.
ii. Agreed that a local notable person will be asked to officiate at an opening ceremony, possibly end Sept. Date will be agreed once KM has firm news on installation date. (KM)

Bus stop
i. Sign has been replaced. MO received apology from Reading Buses.

St Barnabas Church Garden Party
i. KM reported that BC, TT and her had attended and handed out leaflets. JV reports no new recruits from the Garden Party.
ii. Agreed £250 contribution to St Barnabas Fund.

Community Notice Board

i. Team effort has spruced up the notice board
ii. JV says she is taking old notices down every 2 weeks or so.

Lyefield Court
i. No parking restriction notices up as yet. MO to chase.

5. Treasurer’s Report

a. Bill noted that subscriptions continue to trickle in, together with admin and AGM expenses.
b. Outstanding subs.
.......... JV asked for one last push
.......... JV asked that we let her know (via email preferably) when new people move in as she has welcome pack.

6. Feedback from Committees

Safer Caversham Community Forum.
BC attended. No meaningful stats supplied, feels there is a lot of overlap with other committees. Does not want to attend next meeting. Vera Bodman happy to continue in that role.

North Reading Youth Project.
TT attended NRYP's first ever AGM. Well attended by young people and parents. Mayor was there to present awards. Tina Heaford gave presentation.

Neighbourhood Policing Meeting.
VB attended 19th June, 18th July. PG attended most recent meeting on 20th Aug, few residents present. 2PCs, 2 PCSOs, 4 Neighbourhood Watch reps, Bob Green, RBC Environmental Officer attended. Some actions agreed re Albert Road Park. PG raised all issues passed to him. PG reports that there is a proposal to set up a website to allow people to report issues.

Forthcoming dates: 1st Oct – BP to attend, 8th Nov – VB; will agree who should attend future dates at next committee meeting.

7. Planning

Phone mast Evesham Road/Buckingham Drive.
We objected because so close to existing mast. RBC have told company no new mast until old one sorted out.

Bluebell Gardens - name.
PG says that the Council are prepared to accept suggestions for new road names from residents. PG has come up with list of possible 1000 names. Once he knows how many the Council want, he will ask us to select from the list.

Golf Club development.
No news, nothing currently with Council.

PG has list but still needs to identify the actual trees, about half way through this.

8. Any other business

i. BCr reports that Geoff Medhurst is contact at RBC for porous surfaces. He has tried to contact but no response, will chase (BC).
ii. BCr also reported that he had had an email from a Mr Williams re planting trees to slow traffic on Rotherfield Way. A sympathetic response would be made, but EGRA does not have funds for that kind of action.

Peppard Road Junction road works / duck sign.
i. Work has started on road works
ii. MO handed round article from Henley Standard on duck signs.

Publicity meeting
i. Held by MO/BC/JV 18th July. JV thanked MO for writing up minutes.
ii. As BC not present, agreed to wait for next meeting for feedback.
iii. MO handed round possible design for new brochure plus some to use in the interim.
iv. Local links - already established contacts with CADRA and Highdown School, and EG Primary
v. Wider circulation of electronic newsletter and updates had already been set up, including named contacts at Chronicle, Post and Henley Standard. Ongoing process.

8th September. MO circulated leaflets and phone no’s if people want to volunteer.

50+ forum meeting.
VB attended. Head of Maths, Highdown School presented on how school wants to work with local community (VB suggested project on litter). They have plans for courses although JV queried where the info is available. MO to follow up when Mr Grewal contacts in September (MO). The next Age Concern 50+ Meeting will be in October.

CADRA 40th Birthday Exhibition.
To be held 17th October at Caversham Primary School. Volunteers needed to man stand using some of the exhibition display materials (Sue Ballard has in her house). MO to circulate more details and ask for volunteers.

Clayfield Copse – future Woodland Days.
Due to fall off from membership, Friends are asking EGRA for help. MO suggests caution in what we commit to. Earliest date for another Day would be 2009 and it depends on funding. No action at present.

Dates for 2008 AGM.
Tina Heaford will be speaker. MO requested BH to get availability and then she will let Tina know (BH, MO)

EGRA 25th Anniversary 2009.
General agreement that it was an event worth celebrating. MO asked that we start to think about this and bring ideas to next meeting (ALL)

Showing of Al Gore film.
MO planning to discuss with Highdown School with view to getting 6th formers involved. BP mentioned that his son is deputy head of 6th form.

Car park at Budgens.
JV asked that we approach the management with a view to getting something done to improve the lighting. MO will ask Mark Ralph to take it up with them. (MO)

BCr asked if Bugs Bottom canvassed for membership. PG responded yes but with limited response in the past. Consider future possibilities.

MO handed out headed paper to those who need it.

Next newsletter. MO proposes that it be ready for distribution end of November.

9. Date and venue of next meeting. 13th November at 8pm, BCr’s house – 18 St Barnabas Road.