Minutes of Committee Meeting
Winter 2007/08

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Tuesday 26th February 2008

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Diana Hartrup, Bill Harper, Vera Bodman, Kate Manton, Ben Cosh, Tara Taylor, Jill Verran

1. Apologies Bob Cruickshank, Barry Prior,

2. In light of recent developments the committee agreed the following:
Email should be used for information only, policy matters should be dealt with in committee meetings.
Website – agreed to leave as is for the time being
BH offered to produce a list of tasks and responsibilities that EGRA needs to carry out, with a view to sharing them out more widely and not necessarily just to members of the committee. This is to be discussed at a future meeting.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (Tuesday 13th November 2007) were approved.

4. Matters arising:

St Barnabas Fund
£250 donation has been actioned and the name EGRA will now appear on a brick.

Paul Gallagher has sent the list to RBC.

RBC team came before Christmas to clean up private property. BCr is happy to continue with this work. MO to ask if he can arrange with RBC to have more people trained.

Peppard Road Junction Works
Some concern over distance between lights and roundabout, RBC will monitor. Council have been informed of committee’s concern over removal of railings.

Agreed to defer any further discussion to after the AGM.

50+ forum meeting
MO reported that the use of EGRA wireless speaker had been successful.

2008 AGM
Venue is booked. By end March Chairman’s report and agenda is needed and also the accounts to be audited by then so that they can be with members a minimum of 2 weeks before the meeting. DH to go with MO to RFTRA to see how printing is done. MO will talk to BCr re refreshments; if he does not want to do this year, next committee meeting will appoint a replacement. KM agreed to carry out health and safety assessment for AGM venue and provide a written report.

25th Anniversary
KM presented results of sub-committee meeting on 29th Jan. Agreed the following.
MO to book Emmer Green Primary School Hall and inquire about PLI through the school.
KM to arrange to visit the hall to see what activities can be accommodated.
No bouncy castle but other activities approved, including jazz band, dependent on above.
TT to contact children’s entertainer to ascertain fee and availability.
At AGM we should ask if residents have photos for last 25 years.
Agreed celebration would be open to all residents of Emmer Green.
VB suggested a raffle, approaching local businesses for prizes.
Committee approved that Budgens and other local businesses be approached for help with refreshments.
No other actions required at this stage.

Highdown School
First book prize shortly to be awarded. VB offered to present, dependent on her availability (away 15/3 for 6 weeks).

Book award for the Hill’s new library
Agreed to leave for now due to lack of response

Seats at shops
Agreed to leave for now due to lack of response, also concerns over health and safety.

5. Treasurer’s Report

BH noted healthy subscriptions since the beginning of the year. Membership now stood at 475 with 20 this year. The committee was pleased that it had spent funds on items for the benefit of the community over the last year.

6. Feedback from Committees

NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) Meetings.
BP and VB had attended the last two meetings. Main focus on traffic issues. VB to attend next meeting on March 6th.

NRYP (North Reading Youth Project) Meetings.
BC and TT reported continued healthy activity from the team.

7. Planning

Plans circulated of a proposal to develop 6 flats with space for 9 cars behind 9 Chalgrove Way, with access via St Benets Way. Many local residents were concerned at the density and unsuitability. EGRA would respond.

8. Any other business

Agreed that we would not give donations to individuals.

Tree Planting
6 have been planted by Caversham Globe, and RBc's initiative coming soon at precinct and in park etc.

Two new seats in the park.
Also the state of the two seats near the village sign has been reported and continually chased up. Land ownership is disputed.

9. Date and venue of next meeting.
Wednesday April 2nd at DH house, 39 Kiln Road at 8 pm.