Minutes of Committee Meeting
Spring 2008 (1)

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Wednesday 2nd April 2008

Present: Margaret Ormonde, , Diana Hartrup, Bill Harper, Barry Prior, Kate Manton, Tara Taylor, Jill Verran

1. Apologies Vera Bodman, Ben Cosh

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Tuesday 26th February 2008) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

EGRA Functions and Responsibilities
BH was thanked for providing the comprehensive list of functions and responsibilities. Agreed the following: (1) volunteers to be requested at the AGM (copies of the list to be provided to the meeting); (2) planning vacancy is the most crucial to fill. MO has approached some members but committee agreed to wait for outcome of AGM before taking any further action.

Committee Roles Update
BP is taking over the role of vice-chairman from TT, who will stay on the committee. JV proposing to email members in the vicinity of Kidmore End Road to take over Ben’s newsletter deliveries, in the light of his being unable to continue his round.

Change to Constitution
MO proposed change to 6 meeting per year and formalisation of committee support role. However, it was felt that the existing constitution allowed for these anyway so no change required.

Safeguarding the future
MO proposed that written procedures and policies are required so that new committee members or those providing committee support are aware of what is required, key contacts etc. Committee agreed, provided that they are kept simple and not too prescriptive. Agreed to wait until any new members join the committee after the AGM.

MO to highlight those which require a response, with a date by which to respond – to be included in the subject line of the email.

2008 AGM
(1) Bob Cruickshank has agreed to attend AGM and will do refreshment duty. Helpers on night and for back-up (DH). (2) KM to conduct health and safety assessment for AGM venue and provide a written report. (3) MO to contact Tina Heaford (speaker) re her requirements.

25th Anniversary Celebrations
Hall booked by MO (KM to visit), BP has booked jazz band (will receive £50 donation), TT to contact entertainer. Need to ask residents at AGM if they have photos for last 25 years.

Book Award
Hill School have confirmed they would be happy to receive a cheque for £25 to buy a book(s) on the history of Reading. BH to send cheque.

Defer to next meeting

4. Treasurer’s Report

BH reported that 2007 accounts successfully audited.

5. Feedback from Committees

NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) Meetings.
MO contacted by resident re anti-social behaviour at the recreation ground. VB took her to the NAG meeting and MO will take to the next one the next one, together with the Chair of Emmer Green School PTFA, who has concerns about traffic congestion.

Transport Consultation.
(1) BP attended public hearing at RBC on 26th February, having liaised with CADRA beforehand. Both organisations thinking on similar lines. (2) BP replied on behalf of EGRA re consultation on Oxford Road relief road which came out in March. Our response went in jointly with CADRA and WADRA, expressing concern over additional traffic through Caversham centre.

6. Planning

EGRA has responded to Chalgrove Way development proposals in conjunction with local residents. MO has response from RBC that it was not certain it would go to committee. Cllr Bob Green promised to recommend it does, unless rejected by delegated officer. EGRA and residents who had already written in, would then have a chance to present in person.

7. Any other business

Honorary life membership for ex chairmen
JV proposed that ex chairmen (and spouse) be offered honorary life membership. KM to write. JV to ascertain if they would be due a refund on subs already paid.

Children crossing Peppard Road
KM expressed concern over safety of children crossing Peppard Road opposite Surley Row. KM to write to local councillors on behalf of EGRA.

New display stands
MO showed committee new display stands with display she put together for the CADRA event. Planning to do similar for the AGM and 25th Anniversary event. Committee approved.

8. Date and venue of next meeting

Tuesday 13th May at BP house, 35 Kiln Road at 8 pm.