Minutes of Committee Meeting
Spring 2008 (2)

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Tuesday 13th May 2008

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Diana Hartrup, Bill Harper, Barry Prior, Kate Manton, Jill Verran, Cathi Edwards

1. Apologies Carol Sutton, Tara Taylor, Vera Bodman

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Wednesday 2nd April 2008) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Committee Roles Update
Two new members were welcomed to the committee: Cathi Edwards and Carol Sutton (not present). No-one has come forward from the AGM to take on responsibilities such as planning. The committee agreed that MO will continue to look for someone; meanwhile we will ask for help from CADRA. Another key responsibility is the care of the village sign. We agreed because of health and safety issues we would try to find someone who we could pay to maintain it. As Paul had previously had a special interest in the sign BH offered to contact him first, before seeking out a suitable maintenance person.

Safeguarding the future
MO asked that committee members with particular responsibilities provide a short write-up of what they do. To be emailed around prior to the next meeting.

2008 AGM
KM carried out a risk assessment; paperwork is filed.

25th Anniversary Celebrations
KM reported on her visit to the hall and will set up a sub-committee meeting in order to push on with the arrangements. BH and CE volunteered to join the sub-committee. KM to chase school bursar re PLI. CE to sent KM contacts details for chair of the PTA. MO asked that KM inquire whether the school has display boards we can use. Further suggestions included asking Highdown School if they have a music group who could perform (KM) and whether a local dance class could perform (CE).

Book Award
The Hill School have received a cheque for £25 to buy a book(s) on the history of Reading and invite us to go along for a tour/presentation. All committee members expressed an interest in attending. Highdown book awards - response awaited.

Due to pressures of work this project has been put on hold by Jenny.

4. Treasurer’s Report

BH reported that 2007 accounts successfully audited.

5. Feedback from Committees

NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) Meeting.
MO circulated details to committee members via email. CE/BP to attend next meeting (21st May). MO will check with TT whether she can attend next NRYP meeting on 16th July and VB or BP will attend next SCCF meeting (2nd July).

6. Planning

Chalgrove Way, with access via St Benets Way. Planning committee rejected proposals - local residents were out in force.

7. Any other business

Recruitment drive
Currently have 471 members. JV suggested that the Highdown Hill Road area is targeted with the summer newsletter drop. CE offered to recruit her neighbours; JV to email intro letter to her together with names of existing members in her vicinity. 50 additional copies of newsletter will be needed.

Subs owing
JV circulated list of names and asked for volunteers to chase subs owing.

Emmer Green School safety
CE has no news as yet except that children took home letters this week asking parents to walk their children to school at least one day a week to ease congestion.

Summer Newsletter
MO aiming for end of June date for copying with updated tradesman's list which Barry Cruickshank is compiling. BP will chase up report on the transport consultation exercise in the hope of including a summary in the newsletter.

Visit to Houses of Parliament
MO will canvas interest in next Newsletter.

St Barnabas Garden Party
5th July. CS and possibly TT will run stand for EGRA. New game needed.

2009 AGM
MO approached chairman of Civic Society to be speaker. Committee agreed so MO will confirm when we have set a date.

8. Date and venue of next meeting

Wednesday 2nd July at BH house, 37 Kidmore End Road at 8 pm.