Minutes of Committee Meeting
Autumn 2008 (2)

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Tuesday 18th November 2008

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Diana Hartrup, Barry Prior, Kate Manton, Jill Verran, Cathi Edwards, Vera Bodman

1. Apologies Bill Harper, Carol Sutton, Tara Taylor

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Tuesday 30th September 2008) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Maintenance of signs and seats
Brian Verran suggests replacement of Fletton bricks with engineering bricks and has kindly offered his services, but would like an assistant. Agreed to appeal for help via email and postpone the work until spring. No response from Coral to letter re seat. Agreed to try to get help from membership and try for other quotes. If no success by end January agreed to go ahead with quote already to hand with work to commence in spring.

25th Anniversary Celebrations

BP now chairing sub committee. BP has confirmed with the mayor’s office that the mayor can only do 2-3 pm. BP looking into PLI to start in time for AGM. BP requested another person for the AGM, MO said Carol Sutton had expressed interest and VB offered help. JV suggested Bob Cruikshank, BP to ask. TT has emailed entertainer but has had no response. Agreed other options to be pursued if no response by end November. Discussion re whether to have stalls; agreed it will depend on space available and suitability. BP to visit school shortly with CE. CE showed examples of pens - £95 to £150 for 250. Agreed to see keyring samples before making decision. MO and BP to liaise re publicity.

JV informed the meeting that 94 renewals are due in the new year. 4 left over from previous years. Membership stands at 478.

Emmer Green School safety
CE spoke at School Governors meeting in October, but no progress since then. Agreed to leave for now as a formal matter.

2009 AGM
28th April 2009 at Grace Church Peppard Road. Speaker Richard Bennett of Reading Civic Society. PLI required, BP dealing with.

Winter newsletter
No comments. Due for print 21st November.

Mapledurham Pavilion due to be demolished in 18 months time, changing rooms will be rebuilt and in the longer term when and if funds available the hall. MO said that we do not have the resources actively help WADRA but would continue to support.

(a) Planning Inspectorate dismissed appeal by developer to build behind St Benets’ Way (9 Chalgrove Way). Jefferson Close in planning list, await developments on this.
(b)Major Consultation from RBC about future development. EGRA will be sharing opinions with CADRA and GLOBE. There is technically only one potential development site within EGRA area (end Highdown Hill Road, opposite golf club), but this is controversial. MO will respond on behalf of EGRA, we need to encourage people to respond for themselves. If possible we will distribute forms with newsletter, otherwise people can access forms via RBC website or from RBC offices.

4. Treasurer’s Report

No comments.

5. Feedback from Committees

NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) Meeting
CE attended last meeting and reported that the chairman has resigned to there will be a rolling chairman for now. No minutes will be produced as no-one has the time to do them. Venue will be PCSO office in Church Street, Caversham. Next meeting 8th Dec, CE and BP to attend. NAG are discussing producing a newsletter (cost c £285) – funding is being sought. If no success, EGRA committee may consider a donation towards this.

MO reported that request for boost to street lighting at corner Kidmore End Road and Grove Road was turned down as it was felt current lighting was adequate and there has been no crime reported in the area.

TT attended last meeting. There is now a youth forum in Emmer Green, giving young people a sense of ownership and ability to participate in decisions on how to spend funds. Work to improve disabled and ladies' toilets over Christmas break. Children’s Action Team now based at Emmer Green with Youth Service at Amersham Road. Tina Heaford keen to hear of any areas where young people causing concern to EGRA members. Next meeting: 21st Jan, 25th March, 20th May and 15th July.

6. Any other business

Reading 2020 Forum
MO attended 18th November.

Queen’s Tree
Vandalised - advice is to wait for regrowth.

Hill School
Email received re environmental project and asking for ideas on where children could go carol singing. MO suggested St Luke’s home and BBC.

7. Date and venue of next meeting
Tuesday 3rd February 2009 at BP house, 35 Kiln Road at 7.30 pm.