This page was last updated on
12th April 2009
by Clive Ormonde.


Minutes of Committee Meeting
Winter 2008/09

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Tuesday 3rd February 2009

Present: Margaret Ormonde, Bill Harper, Diane Hartrup, Barry Prior.

1. Apologies Vera Bodman, Cathi Edwards, Kate Manton, Carol Sutton, Tara Taylor, Jill Verran.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (Tuesday 18th November 2008) were approved.

3. Matters arising:

Seat adjacent to Coral’s
To be given a limited makeover by volunteers (when the warmer weather arrives).

Emmer Green School Safety
The notices to parents advertising for crossing guards had been sent out. Responses awaited.

Several alternatives had been reviewed, and a satisfactory quote of £150 from Zurich Insurance had been received. It was agreed that this would be accepted, subject to the detail of the policy being checked. Action BP

Chairman’s Report

To recognise the 25th Anniversary year, paper copies of the Report would be delivered to all members. This would also provide the opportunity to distribute the invitation to the event on 9th May. DH can manage the printing and collation, but we need to ensure that the delivery volunteers can cope with the extra numbers and deliver on time. MO to discuss with JV.

Event Publicity
The drafts of a poster and of the Invitation/Information Sheet were accepted. We can print the poster, and a quote will be obtained to print 1000 Invitations. Action BP. This material will be required by the end of March.
WADRA/Mapledurham Pavilion. No further action required, but EGRA is to be kept informed.


(i) Information is being received from RBC, but it remains difficult to follow sometimes.
(ii) The Jefferson Close development has been approved, with the footpath safeguarded.
(iii) A revised application has been made for a pavilion for the tennis club at Clayfield Copse.
(iv) An application has been approved for houses off Evesham Road.
(v) EGRA’s letter on the major RBC consultation has been acknowledged.

4. Treasurer’s Report

The draft accounts for 2008 were agreed. BH will arrange the audit, but a new auditor for 2009 will be required. DH/BP will speak to a possible candidate.

5. Feedback from Committees

NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) Meeting
CE’s reports were reviewed. CE has agreed to be notetaker. NAG seems to be poorly resourced, and it was agreed that EGRA could fund the first meeting at the Milestone Centre, on condition a permanent venue and sustainable arrangements were set in place. We would arrange a link when the NAG website was up and running. Local discussion covered ASB and CCTV. Tri signs have been reinstated.

Safer Caversham Forum
Information on the 25th November was received from VB. The meeting was poorly attended. Informative talk by Drug and Alcohol Team. Next meeting 23rd March.

The meeting scheduled for 25th January had been postponed.

6. Any other business

Age Concern 50+
The events are well attended, with talks from an equity release company and information about a new local Buddy Scheme for older residents. The Thai Chi sessions have been successful.

Relationships with local Councillors
It was reported that instances were arising where Councillors were withholding information unless their material was reproduced in full and credited to them as individuals. It was agreed the EGRA’s apolitical stance must be maintained, and that we should retain full editorial control over our published material. It was agreed that the best way forward was to highlight a link to the Councillors’ website and hope that in the future we could work collectively for the good of the community.

25th Anniversary Event
The report of the Sub Committee was considered. Good progress was being made.
· “Uncle Charley” will be retained as the entertainer.
· The distribution of mementos was not supported in view of the high cost.
· The programme of events was agreed.
· The preliminary budget at £900 was accepted.

Future Committee and Officers
The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer were willing to continue in office. The Secretary has resigned both from her role and from the Committee after this year’s AGM. Diana Hartrup will also leave the Committee, but we were pleased to note that she will continue to provide help. It was recognised that more use could be made of volunteers on tasks without their needing to be members of the Committee. MO will follow up on a possible candidate for a Committee member.

Recycling Plant Visit
The visit had been arranged for the morning of 9th March. It would be possible to take additional people if they expressed an interest nearer the time.

Web Site Address
A new “independent” name is to be investigated when feasible, which is intended to be achieved by way of a period of parallel running of the old and new names. The website itself would remain the same.

137/138 Bus Route
The curtailment of the route via Marchwood Avenue has been proposed by Reading Transport citing lack of support and pressure for a regular direct service from Sonning Common. A survey of residents around the route had received limited response so far. A possible way forward was under consideration.

7. Date and venue of next meeting

Tuesday 7th April, 7.30 at 37 Kidmore End Road.