This page last updated on
26th March 2011
by Clive Ormonde

If you would like to join us, please download a membership form, which should then be completed and returned with the membership subscription, a minimum of £5 payable annually on the 1st of April, to the treasurer:

Chris Bond,
47 St Andrew's Road,

Please make cheques payable to the “Henley Wildlife Group”.

Payment by standing order

Alternatively, subscriptions may be paid by standing order. By including the name of the member as the standing order reference, it will show up on our statement to match your contribution. We need to register you as a member before we receive your first standing order payment.
If you would like to pay by this method then please complete a ‘new standing order instruction’ form. The form is available from your bank or can be downloaded as a PDF file.

To complete the form, follow these instructions:
... Enter the name of your bank or building society at the top of the form
... Fill in the details of your account in section 1

In section 2:
... The name of the organisation you are paying is ‘Henley Wildlife Gp’
... The payment reference should include your name, such as ‘Fred Bloggs subs’
... The sort code of our bank is 60-10-35
... The number of our bank account is 13160273
Enter the frequency and amount in section 3. For example
... Payments to be made yearly
... Date and amount of first payment: 01Apr11, £5.00
... Leave the date and amount of ongoing payments blank, so that the payment is the same each year

... Tick the box for ‘Until further notice’
... Sign and date the form in section 4, then deliver it to your bank or building society.

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