Gillotts Corner Field is a large, reasonably level grassy open space on the S.W. outskirts of Henley. It abuts Greys Road and is crossed diagonally by a public footpath. There is a line of mature pines, mainly Scots with a few Corsican, along the W. boundary. Along the S. boundary are several large oak trees and an overgrown hedge. The field also contains a few, individual mature oak trees.

In the past the grass has been regularly mown, mainly to control ragwort. In 2000, local people planted a strip of 2000 native trees and shrubs close to the pines. The grass between these trees was not mown and this allowed an attractive selection of plants to flower there. As a result the Henley Wildlife Group asked Henley Town Council to delay mowing part of the field and this enabled many plants, including Pyramidal Orchids, to flower.

The problem of ragwort remains. We have tried hand pulling it but this has only had limited success. This year, 2007, the Council agreed to spot weed the ragwort in early summer and we followed this by hand pulling at the end of June. This combined approach has considerably reduced the ragwort at the far end of the field. The presence of so many wild flowers has encouraged insects, including butterflies, and has made the field much more attractive both to us and to wildlife.

The area is well used by local people, especially dog walkers, who generally follow the path which runs around the perimeter of the field.

Plants in Gillotts Corner Field include:

Musk Mallow
Pyramidal Orchid
Fox and Cubs
Common Toadflax
Wild Basil



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