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Welcome to the Local Images website and thank you for visiting.

I have now lived in Berkshire for many years, long enough to have found my away around, but I'm not a native of the area and so my judgements on it are not biased by native pride. There are so many attractive corners of our country that it is easy to overlook places that are not blessed with mountain scenery, babbling brooks or dry-stone walls. But even some people who have lived here all of their lives seem surprised that it can actually look quite beautiful, but maybe that's because they haven't found out yet where to look or when to look.

I hope this site will open a few eyes to the delights of Reading and its surroundings, in particular to the rivers and canals that flow either through the town itself or nearby and to the communities along their routes, to the quiet and rural South Oxfordshire countryside and to the more varied county of Berkshire.

Once again, thanks for your interest.

Clive Ormonde
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