Bee Orchid


The Bee Orchid is so named due to its close resemblance to a bumble bee. So close is it to a certain species of bee that they will attempt to mate with the flower and so help to pollinate it. Although the species is common in southern parts of Europe, it is not present in the UK. In this country the flower is usually self-pollinating, perhaps sometimes aided by wasps.

Not uncommon on lime based grassland in England, although rare in the far north and in Scotland. In flower from early to mid summer.

Note: As with all wild flowers, orchids should never be picked. Not only does picking a flower deny other people the chance to enjoy seeing it, but the plant will be weakened and the opportunity for it to set seed will be lost. Furthermore, the conditions under which an orchid grows are extremely specific and it would almost certainly perish if it were to be transported to another site.



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